Packing Tips

Campus Storage Packing Tips

  • Do not over pack your box! Over packing your box can cause it to break down over time.
  • Protect the contents in your box. Use bubble wrap, blankets, towels or anything else that will help protect your belongings.
  • Do not put more than fifty pounds in your box! Putting more than fifty pounds in your box can also cause your box to break down over time.
  • Distribute the weight in your boxes evenly. Do not put all the heavy items in one box. For example, do not put all of your text books in one box!
  • Tape your Box very thoroughly! The more tape the better. This will help prevent your box from incurring any damage.
  • Remember to label your Boxes!
  • If you have boxes that are going to be shipped home, be sure to write SHIPPING in capital letters and circle it. Also include your shipping address on the box. Notify your pick up team that you will be shipping a box home.
  • Remember to carefully label all of your miscellaneous items including your bicycle! Make sure that your labels are securely taped on all of your miscellaneous items.