We help move, store, and ship student belongings. Make your students and Housing Department happy.

Service Options

Standard pickup/delivery:

Students coordinate directly with us to choose convenient pickup and delivery times to match their busy schedules. Items are picked up and delivered while students are still on campus. Involvement of your Housing Department is optional—we can take care of everything directly with students.

Or, choose an alternate service:

Pickup after move-out
Each student's items are picked up from their Residence Hall after they move out. This allows students to focus on finals and vacating properly. We work with Housing directly to coordinate access.

Delivery before move-in
Each student's stored items are delivered into Residence Halls before they arrive, decreasing campus congestion on move-in day and reducing the workload for your Housing Department. We work with Housing directly to coordinate access.

Centralized pickup/delivery locations
Students move their own items in/out of the Residence Halls to/from locations designated by your Housing Department. We'll pickup/deliver everything from those central locations in a secure and organized manner.

Have something else in mind?

Contact us at We'll work with you to arrange an optimal solution for your institution.

Common Questions

How does working with Campus Storage help our students?

Moving in or out of a Residence Hall typically aligns with an already stressful time of the year. Many students do not have a car or other means of transporting their belongings to/from Residence Halls when summer break starts and ends. Some students may also need help handling heavier items or shipping items back home.

Managing those needs near the start and end of summer break greatly increases stress on students, parents, and your Housing Department. We help alleviate that stress by providing professional moving, storage, and shipping services to students, specifically tailored to make move-in and move-out of Residence Halls as convenient as possible.

What are the benefits to my institution?

Increase your students' quality of life and peace of mind by decreasing their stress levels during move-in and move-out. Reduce congestion on campus during those times. Help your Housing Department by getting rooms vacated and turned around quickly for the following term.

And, earn money back! We give a percentage of our revenue generated from your institution to a department of your choice. Or, we can pass it back to your students directly in the form of discounts. You choose!

Why should we trust Campus Storage?

We take our commitment to your students and institution seriously, and we've been in this business for a long time. Top-ranking universities across the United States—USC, Columbia, Stanford, and many others—already trust Campus Storage to provide a tailored solution for the moving and storage demands of their students. Your institution could be next on that list.

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