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Premiere Package* - additional $19.99/month

  • Priority Scheduling - More pick-up and delivery time windows are available to premiere members. For this reason, we highly recommend Premiere Package for late orders.
  • One hour pick-up and delivery time window rather than a two hour time window.
  • $100 of Declared Value Protection on each item while in storage, subject to maximum.
  • Guaranteed pick-up within your time window. If we miss it, you'll get an instant 5% off your order.

Free Pick-up Dates*

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Free Delivery Dates:

If you are planning to arrive to school prior to our delivery dates, we recommend the following: Read Here.

Important Information

If you need a delivery outside of our Free Delivery Dates, there is an out-of-window rate of $350.00.
There is a 3 month minimum storage rate, even if items are stored for less than 3 months.
There is a minimum storage rate of $60.00/month.

Packing service will be $100 to pack your room. Packing supplies will be included. Packing fee will be automatically applied to your order and shown as admin fee on your bill. Refund will be applied if items are already packed.

Pick-up Address:* (address where we pick-up your belongings)


"I love that their movers carried my heavy boxes up two flights of stairs and into my room."

Jennifer from USC

"After finals the last thing I wanted to do was move. Campus Storage literally did everything for me!"

Adam from Notre Dame

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