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Pitzer college

Service Needed:

Premiere Package* - additional $0.00/month
  • Priority Scheduling - More pick-up and delivery time windows are available to premiere members. For this reason, we highly recommend Premiere Package for late orders.
  • One hour pick-up and delivery time window rather than a two hour time window.
  • $100 of Declared Value Protection on each item while in storage, subject to maximum.
  • Guaranteed pick-up within your time window. If we miss it, you'll get an instant 5% off your order.

Free Pick-up Dates*

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Free Delivery Dates:

If you are planning to arrive to school prior to our delivery dates, we recommend the following: Read Here.

Important Information

If you need a delivery outside of our Free Delivery Dates, there is an out-of-window rate of $350.00.

There is a 3 month minimum storage rate, even if items are stored for less than 3 months.
There is a minimum storage rate of $50.00/month.

Shipping services via FEDEX. Please enter your shipping address in the off-campus pickup address field. With each shipping order, there is a $50 charge plus the cost of shipping. $100 charge for any repacking. $50 charge for any required donations/dumping Premier not applicable for Pitzer

Pick-up Address:* (address where we pick-up your belongings)